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Welcome to my home on the web; my name is gwynnie. I'm shy in writing a long bio, which I have had on previous incarnations of my website; I'd love for my writings or offerings to take up more of the space. I put a lot of myself into them and am very open about my struggle with Complex Trauma and critiques of modern 'mental health' narratives.  

I care deeply about the meeting places between physiology, earth and land based magic (of my ancestry as well as the somatic origins of mythology), social justice and trauma theories. I explore these places of connection through art, magic/ritual, writing, service and teaching. I love learning things and sharing them in creative ways, so much so I will soon be pursuing a Master's Degree in Instructional design so I can get even fancier. 

I hope that my life as a future ancestor is one that helps deepen our collective calls for relational justice and co-creation between the human and non-human, living and other realms. 

I am a settler-colonizer of North America with Northern European ancestry. I am white, meaning I have unearned systemic safety and mobility regardless of my personal traumas that I am committed to addressing throughout my life as I do not see individual traumas as distinct from collective ones. Embracing this approach and working with magical practices congruent with my physiology has been the greatest mover or trauma in my life, and thus what I wish to share explorations of. I am indebted to the marginalized folks who continue to give their experiences forms, through art and writing and protest and boundaries for much of my understanding of my whiteness, my queerness, ableism and hope. 

I'll let my writings or projects take over from here. There is a faq page with questions I get emailed about the most if a curiosity lingers. I no longer spend very much time on social media, instead I put a lot of love into the emails I send out monthly with additions to the site or interesting things, which I would love to share with you. 

May you be nourished, seen and held,