Dandelion Seed Conference
to Oct 9

Dandelion Seed Conference

  • LongHouse Evergreen College (map)
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I get to teach at this year's Dandelion Seed Conference! Here is the class title and description: 

Co-partnering in Formulation: using Caution with Nervines and Relaxants - Kirsten Hale
If we have built, over time, systemic patterns of tension and internal resistance to memories, stories, feelings and experiences for protective reasons, it is quite possible that the tearing open of these patterns can be dangerous and counterproductive to folks seeking support with their mental health, the shifting out of trauma and moving into new patterns. Our work is to co-partner in that process. Nervines can trigger anxiety. Acrid herbs can increase tension. Heart openers can incite fear and dissociation. This class is an exploration of why and how to navigate that in partnership with self + client.
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Trauma Informed Herbalism: Seattle Edition
10:00 AM10:00

Trauma Informed Herbalism: Seattle Edition


This class is really special to me. It is the distillation of all the good stuff I can shove into 8 hours about the interesecting needs of survivors and practitioners and how that shows up in the healing relationship. 

This is not an "herbs for trauma" class. This class is about identifying specific pillars in our personal and professional approaches to trauma, healing and serving folks in our communities which avoid re-traumatization. This is about working in ways which actively push back against the personal and cultural traumas we have experienced and our clients bring to us. 

We will look at and identify core areas for examination and reflection. I will talk about recent research on the autonomic nervous system and what that teaches us about the process of healing and moving out of survival mode. Of course the plants will demand some class time and so we will make room to talk about using them with trauma and explore your specific questions. 

You can trust that I take you seriously when you come to this class. I value the financial, emotional and time resources you have invested. I will be facilitating a journey through these pillars with you. I teach this class as much from my experiences as a survivor as an herbalist. It's gonna be hard. And fun. And opening. 

I know many of us survivors are the ones called to this work. I take that seriously, *AND* I am also gonna take us a bit closer to our own traumas. Because there is powerful stuff there. 

The class is located at Cunning Crow Apothecary, 9024 Greenwood Ave N. in Seattle. I will be emailing you a confirmation as well as some pre-homework stuff about a week before the class. 

Also, for you awesome, anxiety-having creatures like me, I promise there will not be the "go around the room and introduce yourself" thing. I absolutely despise those. None of that in this class <3

The cost of the class is $75. I have priced this class in a way which is hopefully accessible. It is the point at which meets the rental space, travel and other costs, the work I put in behind the scenes to prepare for the journey we will take together, plus the energy it takes for me as a survivor to navigate through trauma in the midst of our shared company. I have made the window of contribution, however, between $50 to $75 to accommodate a wider range of budgets. Please note that I offer my herbal consultations, and many time the herbs as well, by donation and regardless of ability to pay which means I am often already offering my services directly to survivors without financial compensation, teaching is a place that helps me meet my survival needs. If the full cost of the class would not disrupt your ability to meet your basic needs, consider paying the full class cost ;) 

If you have any questions, shoot me an email! crazyherbalist (at) and I will see you soon! xoxoxo

I Wanna be there :)
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Anxiety As Teacher & Herbs As Allies
1:00 PM13:00

Anxiety As Teacher & Herbs As Allies

Well, my final class in So Cal until who knows when.....

So let's make it potent and bad ass and fun and impactful. Anxiety is my thing. I know it INTIMATELY. Most herbal approaches to supporting  anxiety focus on nourishing the adrenals and calming the nervous system. That's really cool. 

I would like to dive in deeper and share as much as I can with you about:

  • How to liberate anxiety from the pathology paradigm and reframe it as a natural source of power and insight
  • Herbs as allies which can support this reframing and support the individual to renegotiate their relationship with anxiety
  • When and what we shouldn't call on herbs to do
  • The variety of ways anxiety shows up in different bodies, how it gets misread and misunderstood/overlooked
  • Exploring how to include these insights into herbal consults and protocols
  • Using herbs to layer effects for a greater cumulative somatic experience, especially in relation to flashbacks and nighttime anxiety
  • Answer questions and explore case studies

I will definitely be following my typical teaching style which includes humor and a crap load of notes you can take home so you do not need to be writing through most of the class. I want there to be plenty of space for internal experiencing, questions and connection. Join Me? $35 for the 4 hour workshop.

To RSVP your spot, head over to the shop

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Terra Vita Herbal Symposium
to Feb 28

Terra Vita Herbal Symposium

  • Anneliese Schools' Willowbrook Campus (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

Join me February 27 & 28th at a beautiful location in Laguna Beach for the Terra vita Herbal Symposium!

I will be teaching 2 classes, one on each day!

Saturday I am teaching about the wisdom of the adrenal glands and Sunday I am teaching about passionate elixir making! 

Click on the flyer to be taken to the event page with more info and the register links! hope to see you there ♥

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Psyche & Nature: Tools For Reconnection
9:00 AM09:00

Psyche & Nature: Tools For Reconnection

A Day Long Workshop co-taught by Depth Psychotherapist & Dreamworker, Kaeti Gugiu, LMFT & me, the Crazy Herbalist Kirsten Hale. 

We are in a time of transformation, emerging from the damaging stories of our time: that the mind is separate from the body, that humans are animals of production and that we are meant to rule over and extract from nature. As we decide to live in deeper connection to both the natural world we can see - plants, animals and the land - as well as the dreaming realms of pysche and myths, we need tools.

This workshop is a journey through this process of growth. We will guide you in specific imaginal practices and teach skills that strengthen and deepen your connection to the interwoven worlds of nature and psyche.

  • Not sure what any of this is about? This class is for you.

  • Want to talk with plants and trees or hear what they are shouting at you? This class is for you.

  • Want to deepen your relationship with your internal world and your external surroundings? This class is for you.

  • Curious about dreamwork? This class is for you.

  • Are you an activist who approaches your work from a place of deep service and is burned out by non-profit culture and structures? This class is for you. ☺

Come for the day to drum, dream, journey, learn and play - and emerge ready to walk your wild self into the new year.

When: Sunday, December 6th, 9-4pm

Where: Private Address in LB, CA emailed a week before the event

What to Bring: Your Beautiful Self, a pen and paper, some water and a lunch. Light Snacks and yummy herbal tea will be provided ♥

Cost: $75-$100, Sliding Scale, payment in advance required for location to be shared. If you have a question or a unique circumstance, email me at ☺

Ready to join us? ♥


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Feeding Calm: foods & herbs to heal the nerves
1:00 PM13:00

Feeding Calm: foods & herbs to heal the nerves

  • 3515 Linden Ave Suite 44 Long Beach, CA, 90813 United States (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

New (and Free!) Workshop!

Saturday, July 19th 1pm-3pm (ish) with optional Elixir Bar @3:30pm

Bixby Knolls area (address provided upon registration)

Let's calm down friends! Let's get the nerves nourished and able to respond appropriately to stress. We have a lot to manage in our daily lives; anxiety, nervous exhaustion and hyper arousal (not the fun kind) is draining. It can lead to larger health problems and takes precious energy away from our goals and desires. When we nourish the physical parts of our nervous system, we have a greater ability to heal and benefit from the emotional/psychological/spiritual messages our nervous system is sending us.

On this afternoon we will come together to share knowledge.

  • I'll give a comprehensive overview of the primary nutrients necessary for a healthy nervous system including food sources
  • I'll introduce some of my favorite medicinal herbs and their actions on the nervous system
  • We will review our current dietary intake and discover places to increase nutrition for the nerves
  • We will share tea and laughter
  • I'll also briefly introduce a new vision of healing anxiety and ways to look at the energy produced by this powerful system
  • After class stay and create a custom elixir or tea! See below for details :)  

That's a lotta fun for free! Why free? Because I want the information to be out there. It can be transformative to nourish ourselves and to know more about what our body needs. Having the right information helped me immensely and I like to pay it forward so to speak. 

LB Apothecary classes are a dedicated safe space for all folks, including plant folks. 

Name *
Do you have any allergies? Please share:
Will you stay to make a custom Herbal Elixir after?

Custom Herbal Remedy making!

I'll have herbs and extracts and infused honeys and more so that you can create your custom herbal elixir or tea to take home with you. I'll have herbs that we discuss in the class, plus others and yummy things to flavor your elixir with.

I'll briefly discuss a bit about formulating your tea or elixir and will be there to assist throughout the process! I can also help in the creation of a funny name for your potion. 

$5 suggested donation (no one turned away for non-donating of course)

Custom Elixirs:

$12 1oz

$15 2oz


$8 1oz

$12 2oz

Bottles, caps, baggies, labels, plant materials, hugs and laughter all included! Have any questions or looking for a particular herb? Send me an email: :)

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Long Beach Green Prize Festival
11:00 AM11:00

Long Beach Green Prize Festival

Saturday, April 26th in Bixby Park! Free Green Festival featuring Long Beach vendors, community organizations, music & more! Will be fun!

Come to the Roots of Healing booth located in the 'ReLEAF' area and say hello! We will have native plants, herbalists to chat with, a flower essence making tutorial and more! RSVP and read more on the Green Prize fb evite here

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