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Feeding Calm: foods & herbs to heal the nerves

  • 3515 Linden Ave Suite 44 Long Beach, CA, 90813 United States (map)

New (and Free!) Workshop!

Saturday, July 19th 1pm-3pm (ish) with optional Elixir Bar @3:30pm

Bixby Knolls area (address provided upon registration)

Let's calm down friends! Let's get the nerves nourished and able to respond appropriately to stress. We have a lot to manage in our daily lives; anxiety, nervous exhaustion and hyper arousal (not the fun kind) is draining. It can lead to larger health problems and takes precious energy away from our goals and desires. When we nourish the physical parts of our nervous system, we have a greater ability to heal and benefit from the emotional/psychological/spiritual messages our nervous system is sending us.

On this afternoon we will come together to share knowledge.

  • I'll give a comprehensive overview of the primary nutrients necessary for a healthy nervous system including food sources
  • I'll introduce some of my favorite medicinal herbs and their actions on the nervous system
  • We will review our current dietary intake and discover places to increase nutrition for the nerves
  • We will share tea and laughter
  • I'll also briefly introduce a new vision of healing anxiety and ways to look at the energy produced by this powerful system
  • After class stay and create a custom elixir or tea! See below for details :)  

That's a lotta fun for free! Why free? Because I want the information to be out there. It can be transformative to nourish ourselves and to know more about what our body needs. Having the right information helped me immensely and I like to pay it forward so to speak. 

LB Apothecary classes are a dedicated safe space for all folks, including plant folks. 

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Will you stay to make a custom Herbal Elixir after?

Custom Herbal Remedy making!

I'll have herbs and extracts and infused honeys and more so that you can create your custom herbal elixir or tea to take home with you. I'll have herbs that we discuss in the class, plus others and yummy things to flavor your elixir with.

I'll briefly discuss a bit about formulating your tea or elixir and will be there to assist throughout the process! I can also help in the creation of a funny name for your potion. 

$5 suggested donation (no one turned away for non-donating of course)

Custom Elixirs:

$12 1oz

$15 2oz


$8 1oz

$12 2oz

Bottles, caps, baggies, labels, plant materials, hugs and laughter all included! Have any questions or looking for a particular herb? Send me an email: :)