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Trauma Informed Herbalism: Seattle Edition

  • Cunning Crow Apothecary 9024 Greenwood Avenue North Seattle, WA, 98103 United States (map)


This class is really special to me. It is the distillation of all the good stuff I can shove into 8 hours about the interesecting needs of survivors and practitioners and how that shows up in the healing relationship. 

This is not an "herbs for trauma" class. This class is about identifying specific pillars in our personal and professional approaches to trauma, healing and serving folks in our communities which avoid re-traumatization. This is about working in ways which actively push back against the personal and cultural traumas we have experienced and our clients bring to us. 

We will look at and identify core areas for examination and reflection. I will talk about recent research on the autonomic nervous system and what that teaches us about the process of healing and moving out of survival mode. Of course the plants will demand some class time and so we will make room to talk about using them with trauma and explore your specific questions. 

You can trust that I take you seriously when you come to this class. I value the financial, emotional and time resources you have invested. I will be facilitating a journey through these pillars with you. I teach this class as much from my experiences as a survivor as an herbalist. It's gonna be hard. And fun. And opening. 

I know many of us survivors are the ones called to this work. I take that seriously, *AND* I am also gonna take us a bit closer to our own traumas. Because there is powerful stuff there. 

The class is located at Cunning Crow Apothecary, 9024 Greenwood Ave N. in Seattle. I will be emailing you a confirmation as well as some pre-homework stuff about a week before the class. 

Also, for you awesome, anxiety-having creatures like me, I promise there will not be the "go around the room and introduce yourself" thing. I absolutely despise those. None of that in this class <3

The cost of the class is $75. I have priced this class in a way which is hopefully accessible. It is the point at which meets the rental space, travel and other costs, the work I put in behind the scenes to prepare for the journey we will take together, plus the energy it takes for me as a survivor to navigate through trauma in the midst of our shared company. I have made the window of contribution, however, between $50 to $75 to accommodate a wider range of budgets. Please note that I offer my herbal consultations, and many time the herbs as well, by donation and regardless of ability to pay which means I am often already offering my services directly to survivors without financial compensation, teaching is a place that helps me meet my survival needs. If the full cost of the class would not disrupt your ability to meet your basic needs, consider paying the full class cost ;) 

If you have any questions, shoot me an email! crazyherbalist (at) and I will see you soon! xoxoxo

I Wanna be there :)
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