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hi, I'm gwynnie!

I'm an animist goofball that likes to design things. Which is hilarious because most of my life all I designed was epic survival strategies, but as of lately, I've gathered the momentum to fall in love with the creative process while exploring some of my favorite things:

  • how trauma moves through both individual and cultural bodies
  • mythology, magic, empire and physiology
  • patterns of the living human and non-human world, especially plants and trees
  • listening to folks talk about their experiences

I also geek out on movies, cats, coffee, Star Wars and cheese. 

After 15 years in advocacy and non-profit work, then serving folks as a trauma-informed herbalist and teaching both at conferences and more intimate classes, I am following the passions running beneath all my doings: the ritual of discovery, creation and teaching. I like to study stuff and then create stuff, especially stuff that deepens our ability to lift mental health and trauma out of 'offices' and 'research labs' and back into our own narratives. 

I'm committed to relational justice, in the larger socio-political bodies, the individuals and communities I am a part of as well as the very relationship I have with myself, where internalized oppression (both places of marginalization and privilege) lives.  

I try to ask really deep questions of my struggles and dis-invest in oppressive, non-life affirming systems and beliefs while turning to the natural world, the unseen realms and the cycles of life and death as my great teachers. The systems of relating to it and each other that have evolved via white-supremacist-reductive-cis-hetero-capitalist-patriarchal-ableist BS are poisonous, taking lives every day. 

It is unacceptable. 

I try to honor the tension that exists between all that needs to be grieved, changed, resisted and dismantled with all that can be celebrated, discovered, life affirming and liberating. The fluid movement between these things is something our physiology was built for, and it has taken me decades to find a shred of it I can hold onto. Reality is queer, multi-dimensional, non-linear. In ritual we get to stand in the place of multiplicity, being between the words, while holding onto the singularity of intention and purpose, directing it as an offering or arrow or devotion or communion. Our nervous system(s) do the very same thing as we move through our days, navigating multi-dimensional realities and truths and directing resources according to the complexities of our needs and intentions.... 

It's so damn beautiful. I hope something I offer here nourish the beautiful multiplicity of you.

In deep gratitude for those who have gone before and those who are yet to come,