Herbal Consultations


From 2015-2018 I had the honor of serving nearly 700 folks (!!) through donation/sliding scale appointments, nearly all of who identified as having some wild constellation of trauma and/or experiences along the anxiety-depression continuum with various levels of current or chronic illness. 

Along the way I developed some feelings and thoughts about the standard 90-minute intake and prescriptive model of herbal supports. I sort of touch on some of them in this piece I have written as a support for folks wanting to work with herbs to support mental health/trauma stuff. 

As of right now, I feel really good about offering online herbal consultations to folks I am in some kind of connection with already, be it through an online or in person class I offer, project support work together, etc. as well as folks who have already had a consultation and would like to do some follow up work together. If we have or are already connecting and you'd like to chat about herb work, let me know! 

For in person session opportunities, I try and keep my events updated and share in monthly emails. 

Here's a booking spot for follow ups/all the types of appointments open: