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An email with log in instructions will be sent out as soon as the materials are uploaded the first week of October!

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teal cursive text which reads linden comma tilia species and has a small green leaf and yellow flowers on a long stem on each side of the text with a white background to match the web page

This class is the first in a series of herb classes I am doing (online) specifically made to support folks who have had long term experiences along the anxiety-depression spectrum and/or identify as having CPTSD/complex trauma. I cover the ‘herbal medicine’ related topics, from phytochemistry to medicine making and this plant’s interaction with physiology, as well as folklore and relationship while interweaving specific information related to ways those of us who have had long term struggles with hypervigilence, panic, shame spirals, perfectionism or chronic depletion might benefit from.

I’m especially appreciative of those who are nervous about, tentative or fearful of taking herbs and/or having their nervous systems manipulated too fast/too much. It’s one of the reasons I picked Linden to ease even myself into designing a little course like this. Linden can be a soft, gentle transition into working with herbs as its bit more forgiving and fluid than say motherwort or vervain or even lemon balm for those of us really sensitive to plants. It is mostly made as an herbal infusion which also gives us a lot of play room to get to know it as we can take one or two sips, sip slowly or guzzle. What ever feels good.

a teal cloth background with three one ounce frosted white dropper bottles with a reddish brown liquid inside and a label which reads linden elixir in teal text and a hexagon shaped image of a little creamy white linden flower
my hand lifted up holding a clear hexagon shaped glass jar with a green lid and containing a reddish brown fluid against a window in the background which is sunny and has a blurred tree top

I did, however, make a potion while working with this plant as I was courting it and exploring it. It feels really good to be making things again, Linden certainly helped ease me back into it. I used dried Linden blossoms, a little bit of fresh, organic garden sage (S. officinalis), local grade A, VT dark maple syrup, and organic vodka, 50%. It is soft, but firm, and kinda tastes like Lipton iced tea, which is awesome. I wasn’t planning on making an elixir for selling but I really love it so I have a few to offer should you want to taste along with the class materials! This is a tree which offer blossoms that cool, soothe, move and evoke loving gentleness.

Here is a rough outline of the class materials when they go live:

One: Introductions

  • Hello and brief overview of materials, etc.

  • A brief introduction to terms referenced in commercial herbal medicine

    • Actions, Energetics, Preparations, Phytochemistry

Two: In the Flesh

  • Identification and Locations

Three: The Bones, Use in commercial herbal medicine

  • Actions, Energetics, Phytochemistry, impacts on physiology and known historical uses

  • Preparations

Four: Relationship

  • Folklore and Mythos (my realm is a critical approach to modern ‘western herbalism’ which I refer to as commercial herbalism and a deeper, more nuanced look into older Northern European traditions)

  • Relating mythos to physiology

Five: Resources

  • Other good stuff, Elixir recipe, etc.

This is not a live class (us anxious folks don’t need that added pressure :D) but there will be space for comments and questions for me to respond to. The class will include a large downloadable monograph as well as downloads for each section accompanied by a video and identical audio, as well as text files. All materials will also be held in a dropbox folder for storage and ease of downloading with that link provided as well.

I think that’s about it! Let me know if you have any questions! The elixir will ship out by 9/25 in order to ensure that it arrives prior to class materials going live.