tarot readings

yellow and teal text that reads tarot

Pictured: a hexagon card that is part of my project, Temperance card from the Rabbit Tarot, and the Hanged Man card from the Tarot of the Plants (1st Edition).


I'm working on a tarot project that feels so personal, so meaningful to me I can't wait to share it! Meanwhile,

…one of the things that I have struggled with as someone who isn't trying to be a 'counselor,' or 'coach,' but who feels really passionate about taking the mystery out of trauma patterns is how much work someone has to do when we connect to explain how they are experiencing their patterns or struggles in a session. It's really hard to put all of it to language, particularly in a 'session' or 'consultation.' Honestly, the amount of work it takes on the part of the person seeking support can be exhausting, no matter how 'trauma informed' the approach. I know that as someone has has sat in many offices and also shared deeply personal things to experts or professionals who I might never even see again. I've thought a lot about this. When I was doing more herbal consultations, I craved a way to take more of the work off folks.

As a short version of the story, I hadn't ever seen myself as a 'tarot' person, despite having tried to connect with the cards periodically since I was 16, but some recent synchronicities brought me to a new relationship with the cards, seeing the underlying patterns and appreciating how much can be explored and discovered through the cards, without the person receiving the reading having to do so much language-centered heavy lifting. The cards, and my capacity to honor and understand them do. I read the tarot cards through the lens of trauma patterns and dynamics, where rigidity might be lurking, isolation, resistance, extraction, depletion....and I use primarily decks which aren't human-centric, because trying to interpret the cards through a lens of people images and characters was one of my major blocks to the cards as a person with an exhaustive amount of relational trauma. 

I'm offering readings right now as I do my work behind the scenes on my tarot project. These readings also help me refine the project as well, which I am super grateful for. The reading looks like this:

  • Sign up happens on the calendar below, with payment taken at the time of sign up

  • A confirmation email is sent out with some downloadable forms that are a part of the pre-herbal consult email but I think they can be optionally enjoyed before tarot too

  • Shortly before our session I’ll send out an email with the link/connection details based on the type of cyber-communication you picked

  • We hang out in cyber-space with the cards for the time amount specified

  • If there are any resources or relevant links to share post our time together I’ll email those

This isn’t really about divination in a more broad or traditional sense, such as telling the future. It is more about saying, Hey, look at these patterns, does this resonate? What might be some insight as to strengthening things we want to make stronger and diffusing things which feel intense? What forces are at work here?

If that intuitively sounds supportive or intriguing, the calendar below has my open time slots: